The KKIP Advantage

KKIP offers a host of benefits to investors:

1. Excellent Business Environment

- Political & social stability
- Full support of Federal & State Government
- Availability of workforce
- Abundant natural resources
- International standard quality of life and work environment

2. Strategic Locations

- 20 km to the Central Business District of Kota Kinabalu
- 25 km to Kota Kinabalu International Airport
- 7 km to Sepangar Bay Container Port
- 2-6 hours flight away to major cities within BIMP-EAGA Region, Southeast Asia and Far East Region

3. Ready Infrastructure

- State of the art communication facilities
- Efficient water system & sewerage treatment facilities
- Reliable electricity supply
- Excellent transportation network

4. Research & Development and Training Facilities

- 15 R&D, training centres and institutions
- To facilitate product improvement
- Provide pool of skilled & trained human resources

5. One Stop Centre

- For relevant transaction processes as well as Trade and Investment advisory and consultancy services