1. Sepangar Bay Container Port Terminal

- In operation since 2007
- Consist of 2 berths inner and outer with 12.2M draft
- Able to cater to vessels of up to 30,000 DWT
- Located 5 minutes from Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park

2. Well-planned Roads & Drainage Systems

- KKIP is complete with well-planned roads
- Drainage system includes monsoon drain

3. Reliable Electricity Supply

- Underground cabling system
- 4 IPPs (Independent Power Plant) with electricity supply up to 650 MW

4. Reliable Water Supply

- Telibong Water Treatment Plant
- Capacity 17.6 million gallons
- Quality up to World Health Organization Standards

5. Sewerage Treatment Plant

- Centralized sewerage treatment plant is provided to treat domestic waste which complies with Department of Environment (DOE)
   Effluent Standards
- The effluent standard B should not contain any chemical, acids or hazardous material

6. Telecommunication Facilities

- Telekom Malaysia Berhad had installed & commissioned telecommunication infrastructure within KKIP
- State of the art voice, data and internet services are available within the entire KKIP