1. Who to request from ?

There is an existing electricity utility company operating within the KKIP area to provide adequate and reliable electricity supply throughout the KKIP area. The company, named as K.K.I.P. Power Sdn Bhd, which is a subsidiary of the K.K.I.P. Sdn Bhd is an authorised electricity distribution licensee with licence issued by the Electricity & Gas Supply Department, Malaysia, under the Electricity Supply Act 1990.

The K.K.I.P. Power Sdn Bhd is fully committed to provide efficient and friendly customer services in response to all enquires and upon receipt of request for electricity supply.

KKIPP 01 FORM Sample
KKIPP 02 FORM Sample

2. How to make the request ?

Any person who requires electricity supply may notify the K.K.I.P. Power Sdn Bhd specifying:-

  1. the premises in respect of which supply is required,
  2. when the supply is required, and
  3. the maximum power required

Except for domestic use or for single phase supply below 5kW, it is advisable that the potential consumer shall, preferably at project planning/design stage, direct its nominated M&E Consultant to communicate with the K.K.I.P. Power Sdn Bhd so that the projected power demand, projected consumption, tariff type, and metering arrangement etc. can be discussed.

Standard Guidelines & Precautions To Electrical Contractors And Consultants

The K.K.I.P. Power Sdn Bhd will response to all requests within 14 days and the parties shall then work out a mutually agreeable means to provide the supply to meet the requirement on time.

3. Connection Charge

As the electricity infrastructure is already available right at the front access of each lot, and that the electricity consumers are encouraged to engage their own electrical contractor to carry out installation of the short length of low voltage cable, there is virtually NO connection charge required other than a token charge for the recovery of the required manpower (plus certain material as the case may be) in fixing up the fuses and meter in the consumer’s incoming panel.

For very extreme case when a dedicated high voltage feeder is required, the cost sharing in putting up the special feeder will be depending on the amount of energy consumption.

4. Commencement of Wiring

It would be imperative that the engaged wiring contractor be directed to formally notify the K.K.I.P. Power Sdn Bhd before the actual commencement of wiring works so that the K.K.I.P. Power Sdn Bhd, in fulfilling its obligation as a licensee, is able to help ensure that all the safety requirements /precautions as stipulated in the Electricity Supply Act and Electricity Supply Regulation 1994 have been taken care of.

5. Consumer Agreement & Security Deposit

The only formal document required to be filled in and signed is the Consumers Agreement to be signed just before the issuance of meter prior connection of supply.

Upon signing of Agreement, a security deposit based on estimated two months consumption will be collected.

For security deposit exceeding RM30,000.00, the amount exceeding RM30,000.00 can be in terms of Bank Guarantee.

6. Connection of Supply

To safeguard the interest of all the electricity consumers, supply will be connected ONLY when the M&E consultant, and the K.K.I.P. Power Sdn Bhd are satisfied that the wiring installation has been properly tested in accordance with requirements in the Electricity Supply Regulation 1994.